Black-Tailed Jackrabbit - The Black-Tailed Jackrabbit is found throughout parts of Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. Their large ears help keep the rabbit cool, and also help it to hear predators.

Caracal - Caracals are medium-sized cats that can be found in deserts and savannas of Africa and the Middle East. They can easily be identified by the long, black tufts of hair sticking out from the tops of their ears.

Fennec Fox - Fennec Foxes are located across Northern Africa and into the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. They also have extremely large ears which help them hunt for small prey, and help to keep them cool in the scorching hot Sahara.

Kangaroo Rat - Kangaroo Rats live in the desert regions of Southwestern United States. They eat seeds and other vegetation that is available.

Meerkat - Meerkats are quite famous these days with a number of television shows and documentaries about them. They live in the harsh Kalahari desert in Southern Africa. They eat insects and small rodents.

Pronghorn - Pronghorn are easily identified by their two short antlers that curl slightly at the top. They live in the deserts and plains of western United States and Canada, and eat a variety of vegetation.

Spotted Hyena - Spotted Hyenas live in savannas and deserts in the Sub-Sahara. They will hunt zebras and gazelle, either alone or in a pack. They can be identified by their spots, rounded ears and reddish mohawks on top of their heads and necks.