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The meerkat is located in the harsh land of the Kalahari in Southern Africa.


Meerkats eat mostly insects, but will also feed on lizards, small rodents and scorpions, whose venom they are immune to. While a meerkat mob (a large group of meerkats) is searching and eating food, one or more meerkat will stand guard on its hind legs to watch for predators.


Meerkats live in complex underground tunnel systems that they have either dug or inhabited from a previous animal. Meerkats use these networks for protection against predators and will defend the burrows against other meerkat mobs.


Approximate weight of a meerkat: Average weight is 1.5 - 1.6 lbs.

Approximate size of a meerkat: Average length is 10 - 14 inches not including the tail. The tail is 9 - 10 inches long.


The pregnancy period lays of the meerkat is about 11 weeks. The litter size varies but usually is between 2 - 6 pups.